Right Dormitory

Backed by a team of experienced people, the dormitory ensures that all needs of guests are fulfilled timely. The dormitory features spacious and well- designed rooms that are furnished with the most comfortable beds and clean linen would definitely impress the guests. The dormitory is modernly designed in a 1000 sq ft room with 32 beds and a 150 sq ft hall with TV. Housekeeping administration is provided each day at an interim of three or four times. The room is vibrant, spacious and can accommodate large number of people. The attached bathroom is hygienic. We have fabricated rooms and provide cabin system, rotating wall fan and have spacious common washrooms.

We have 24 hour reception, so you can check in at any time
and relax - feel at home - and your bed will be ready as soon as possible.


Fireproofing arrangements

Locker with plug point

7 ton centralized AC

Arrangements of cabs/ tour bus

24 hours operating

Purified water service

Specialties at Trivandrum

The second floor of our building is cooled by 1.5ton AC. The third floor has 4 rooms each with 2 beds and a common bathroom. Pantry and laundry services are provided for extra charge. We also have 11 bathrooms, 11 toilets and 10 fresh up areas.